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The Right iPod Part or a Complete iPod Fix.
It's your workout partner, your car's sound system and your homework buddy. However you use your iPod, it helps you get through the day. Whether your iPod is on the fritz, your iPod battery is not charging fully or you dropped it and now have a cracked LCD screen, we have the exact part you need to fix your broken iPod. Select your iPod model below and you'll be well on your way. If you are not the do-it-yourself kind, feel free to take advantage of our iPod repair service for a quick iPod fix.

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Best iPod Repair Specialist

If you need an iPod fix or iPod parts, PDASmart.com is your place for iPod repair. We've been a leader in iPod repair service, and will continue to offer the best product repair in the industry. We know how to fix your iPod, including a screen repair, LCD repair, or display repair. Whether you're looking for hard to find parts or just need a simple display fix, we can do it for less. We know how to fix your Nano or Apple Touch, have all the replacement parts needed, and have been providing top quality parts repair for generation after generation.

The PDASmart iPod Repair center has experienced tremendous growth over the last few months. We have increased our iPod Repair technician staffing and have added a new customer service representative. In addition to performing ipod repairs for end users with iPod failures that aren't covered by the Apple iPod warranty, the PDASmart iPod Repair Parts Center performs iPod repairs and spare iPod parts for many Ebay and commercial resellers.

Overnight delivery is now available for you folks that need your unit turned as fast a possible. Once the unit is delivered to us, we will repair the unit same day and ship the unit back to you UPS overnight. This means your unit will leap into the front of our repair queue and will be serviced that same day.

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The process could not be easier. When you are placing the order and you are selecting the return shipping in the shopping cart, simply pick EXPEDITED REPAIR. The Fee is 25.00 plus the 24.00 UPS Overnight Delivery. (All board repairs and sync port replacements could take up to two days to repair using the expedited service)

PDASmart is your leader in authorized repair of iPods. From a screen fix to finding the right battery to LCD parts, take advantage of our fix repair capabilities. Anyone looking for an iPod fix or iPod parts needs to go no further than PDASmart for top quality iPod repair.

PDA Smart is a Ipod Repair company. Our main offerings include: iPhone Repair and BlackBerry Repair for your electronic repair needs.

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