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There is no diagnostic fee - Open a diagnostic work order and let a technician find out exactly what is wrong with your pda.,

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Toshiba Battery Center

PDASmart has the perfect replacement battery for your Toshiba.  A search of our database has produced the list of available batteries below.   If you do not find the Toshiba Gigabeat Megf60 battery you need, just send us a mail at Toshiba_Toshiba Gigabeat Megf60@pdasmart.com and we will contact our suppliers to find a match for you.

The PDASmart staff includes some of the most qualified and experienced PDA technicians ON THE PLANET and in most cases, our technicians have received their training directly from the original manufacturer of your PDA and the PDASmart parts center tries to stock every part imaginable for your device.   

Our service center never charges a diagnostic fee.  If you are not exactly sure what is wrong with your device, simply create a diagnostic work order and send it in for one of our techs to take a look.

Bulk discounts are available - if you are purchasing more than 10 batteries, email bulkquote@pdasmart.com to obtain a quotation before ordering.

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Toshiba Gigabeat Megf60 Batteries


Toshiba Gigabeat Megf60-1000mAhbattery

FITS:  Toshiba Gigabeat Megf60
CAPACITY:  1000mAh
REF PART #:  CS-TS002SL,MK11-2740

PRICE:  $45.00

ALSO FITS:  Toshiba Gigabeat MEGF10, Toshiba Gigabeat MEGF20, Toshiba Gigabeat MEGF40, Toshiba Gigabeat MEGF60,

If You do not want to get tools and install it yourself, Mail-In-Service is available for only $10.00 more.  Use this link to order the mail-in-repair service (including parts and labor) rather than just the part  :

 << Mail-In-Repair CS-TS002SL-1000mAh-TOSHIBA-Toshiba Gigabeat MEGF60-(installed) >>


PDASmart PDA Toolkit

PDASmart PDA Tool Kit
REF PART #:  CSTOOL01 - Includes Torx Drivers T5 and T6, 00 Phillips, Micro-Flat tip and non-marking Case Opening Tool

PRICE:  $9.95


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