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Axim Lcd Screen Replacement Assembly - X51v

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Axim - Axim Lcd Screen Replacement Assembly - X51v - AX76

Axim Lcd Screen Replacement Assembly - X51v
These Axim X51v VGA LCD screens are complete assemblies with the Touchscreen already assembled together with the LCD panel. These are direct from the screen's manufacturer and the only suitable replacements for your Dell Axim X51v. Please make sure you are ordering the correct screen - this screen does not fit the X51 and does not serve as an upgrade for the X51. The do-it-yourself kit comes with instructions for performing the repair (complete with pictures) and the necessary tools for opening the Axim (or you can send it in for our technician's to handle for just a little more money). Reference p/n: LS037V7DD05 60H00030-00

Part Price:  $175.00

Repair Center Price (includes parts and labor):  $185.00

Our Axim repair center is staffed by some of the most qualified technicians in the world! Send that Axim in and we will let you know when it arrives and turn it back to you as quickly as possible (usually within a few business days).


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Other parts available for your model of Aximare listed below or a complete listing can be found here:

AX58 - For Axim X51 - Brando Workshop Premium Screen Protector
AX59 - For Axim X51v Brando Workshop Premium Screen Protector
AX61 - 1000mAh Replacement Battery - Axim X51/X51V
AX62 - Touch Screen / Digitizer for Axim X51
AX63 - Touch Screen / Digitizer for Axim X51v
AX64 - HP Brand 64 MB Secure Digital (SD) Card
AX65 - Sandisk 256mb Secure Digital (SD) Card
AX66 - Sandisk 512mb Secure Digital (SD) Card
AX67 - Sandisk 1.0gb Secure Digital (SD) Card
AX68 - Wall Charger for All Axim Models
AX69 - Retractable Sync Cable for Axim X51/X51v
AX70 - Car Charger for Axim X51/X51v
AX71 - Brando Aluminum Case for X51/x51v
AX72 - Aluminum Case for X51/x51v (fits with Hi-Capacity Battery)
AX75 - Axim Lcd Screen Replacement Assembly - X51
AX76 - Axim Lcd Screen Replacement Assembly - X51v
AX77 - Axim X51/X51v 3-in-1 Stylus/Ballpoint/Reset Pen
AX78 - Axim X51/X51v 2-in-1 Stylus Pen
AX80 - 3300mAh Super Capacity Battery for Axim X51/X51V
AX84 - T5 Torx / 00 Phillips Combination Screwdriver
AX86 - Replacement X51/X51v Rear Plastics
AX88 - Sandisk 2.0gb Secure Digital (SD) Card
AX95 - Battery Door for Axim X51/X51v
AX96 - 2200mAh Hi-Capacity Battery for Axim X51/X51V
AXTOOL2 - PDASmart PDA Tool Kit - T5, T6, 00 Phillips, Flat, Case Tool
AX1x0 - Sandisk 4.0gb Secure Digital (SD) Card
AXI5005 - Sync Port Connector for Axim x51 x51v x51u
AXI5007 - Axim Backup Battery - Dell Axim X51, X51v Series
AXI5006 - Axim Backup Battery - Dell Axim X51/X51V Series also supports other PDA devices with do it yourself parts and a full service repair center.

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If you cannot find the Axim part you need for your device, just send an email directly to or phone us at (512)528-0333.  We work with all of the OEMs to source spare parts for PocketPC and Palm handhelds. We will try to answer all questions as quickly as possible. 



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