iPod repair and iPod parts - iPod Battery Extreme Upgrade for 30gb Video

iPod Battery Extreme Upgrade for 30gb Video

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iPod - iPod Battery Extreme Upgrade for 30gb Video - IPO5061

iPod Battery Extreme Upgrade for 30gb Video
This is the newly released PDASmart.com battery that gives you enormous playing time between charges. In initial tests, we are getting over 48 hours of continuous music playing time and unheard of 24 hours video playback time. This is only brought to you by PDASmart. The battery kit comes with everything needed to do the transfer. It will require a larger rear casing which is included. Your iPod will still fit in your docking station as it makes the thickness about the same size as the 60gb version. THIS WILL ONLY WORK IN THE 30GB version iPOD 5th gen ipod. There are several parts to this kit so if you think you cannot handle the repair, send it to the experts.

Part Price:  $50.00

Repair Center Price (includes parts and labor):  $60.00

Our iPod repair center is staffed by some of the most qualified technicians in the world! Send that iPod in and we will let you know when it arrives and turn it back to you as quickly as possible (usually within a few business days).


 Our PDA Replacement Battery Center offers replacement batteries for every PDA known to man.

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APx35 - iPod 5th Gen Scroll Wheel (black)
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IPO5061 - iPod Battery Extreme Upgrade for 30gb Video
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IPO5088 - 5G iPod Ultimate Refurbish Service - Black 30Gb Series
IPO5089 - 5G iPod Ultimate Refurbish Service - Black 60/80Gb
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If you cannot find the iPod part you need for your device, just send an email directly to info@pdasmart.com or phone us at (512)528-0333.  We work with all of the OEMs to source spare parts for PocketPC and Palm handhelds. We will try to answer all questions as quickly as possible. 



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