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There is no diagnostic fee - Open a diagnostic work order and let a technicianfind out exactly what is wrong with your pda.

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Quick FAQ's on PSP Repair Parts:

Q: What PSP version do I have? They all look the same!!

A: Please look at the pictures above and you will be able to see that the model number is under the battery. This will tell you which version PSP you have.

Q: Will my PSP-1001 version parts work for the newer version PSP's?

A: No, most of the major components are not interchangeable. So please make sure you select the right model PSP for your PSP parts.

Q: Do you service the Silver or Limited Edition PSP units?

A: Yes, we do. Some are special units, but all have a series number on the back of the unit. Some parts are not on the web, so please contact us if you need other special parts to get your psp fixed up and running again!

Q: Are your parts for the PSP OEM or aftermarket clones?

A: All of are parts are Sony OEM parts that come installed from the factory unless marked otherwise.


Best PSP Repair Center

It can be hard to find the specific PSP part needed to get your broken PSP back in commission. PDASmart is a recognized leader in PSP repair and PSP parts. Other PSP repair shops may charge you nearly the price of a new one. Not only does PDASmart provide PSP UMD repair at the best prices, but also have a complete inventory of PSP spare parts.

No matter what problem your device may have, we have the capability and PSP replacement parts to get it back running in no time. We complete PSP repair in full confidence that if it can be fixed, we can do it. This includes PSP screen repair, PSP joystick replacement, PSP analog repair, PSP LCD repair, or installing a PSP replacement faceplate.

Our focus is getting your PSP fixed as quickly and as affordably as possible. If you're a DIY person, we can provide you with the PSP repair parts and information to service it yourself. To help you facilitate PSP repairs yourself, we have a PSP How To Repair guide to make things easier. Any questions? Feel free to ask one of the knowledgeable members of our team. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

PSP Parts, Analog Repair, Joystick Replacement, LCD, Repair Parts, How To Repair, Guide

PDASmart also ships worldwide, meaning we can get your PSP parts to you, regardless where you live. Why buy a brand new device when PSP repair is only a click away? Take advantage of our free online diagnostic test to help you determine which PSP part you need, as well as the support offered if you choose to fix it yourself. If not, take assurance in the experience and successful track record of our qualified technicians. For PSP repair, PSP parts, or help finding the right PSP part, let help you get your PSP back running in no time.

PDA Smart is a Ipod Repair company. Our main offerings include: iPhone Repair and BlackBerry Repair for your electronic repair needs.

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